Coaching and Advising Overview

Scholars are supported by an Advisor and/or a Coach from the time they enter the program until they complete the program. Working together with parents, schools, colleges, and community partners, a Coach/Advisor is a Scholar's key source for program activities and engagement.

Postsecondary Advising

During grades 11 and 12, Scholars work exclusively with a Postsecondary Advisor, applying and matriculating to postsecondary education. Advisors practice best-fit advising, which directs Scholars to all the appropriate resources to making the most informed decision before signing their letters of intent in the spring semester of senior year. Advising sessions cover topics such as competitive admissions, degree programs, and scholarship requirements. The Kauffman Scholarship may be applied to any of the postsecondary institutions in the Kauffman Scholars Network, while other Scholars may choose to attend colleges and universities out-of-network. 

Postsecondary Coaching

Once attending class at the postsecondary level, Scholars access a Postsecondary Coach throughout the life of their Kauffman Scholarship. Coaches assist in connecting Scholars with campus resources that can support a academic, social, and personal needs while away at college. Postsecondary coaches build relationships with campus support services and administration in order to create a cohesive network of support for Scholars. 

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