Legacy Interns


"My summer with the Kauffman Scholars Legacy Internship Team proved to be the most impactful experience in my young professional career. Several months later, I am still grateful to the Foundation for developing my professional skills in such a unique way; every member on the team cared for the six of us as more than interns and shared their whole-hearted advice for personal success. I strongly recommend this opportunity to anyone who is driven, motivated and interested in learning about Mr. Kauffman’s Legacy. It is a true honor and privilege to represent Mr. K as not only a scholar, but as an intern as well.”

-David Ramos. Class 7, Emory University

“The Legacy Intern experience was an irreplaceable one that changed my view and understanding of the Kauffman Foundation for the better forever. Serving as a Legacy Intern allowed me to establish influential connections, to hone my professional development tactics, and to become comfortable with my authentic self in all settings. Kauffman Scholars, Inc. took a chance on me by allowing me to be a Legacy Intern. Knowing that, I am no longer afraid to take risks, to take chances on myself and to become the best version of myself possible.”

-Tyler Riley, Class 5, University of Missouri


What is The Legacy Internship?

The Legacy Internship provides an opportunity for KSI postsecondary scholars to gain professional work experience and develop their leadership skills during an exclusive, paid, summer internship at Kauffman Scholars, Inc. (KSI):
  • 8-9 week summer internship;
  • Open to all active KSI postsecondary scholars;
  • $15 per hour; 35-hour work week.

Legacy Interns will work closely with KSI staff and the Kauffman Foundation to execute KSI programming, education initiatives and community service. In addition, Legacy Interns will participate in weekly professional development workshops and leadership training to increase their career readiness.

Internship Description

Information regarding the job description, qualifications and responsibilities here. All applicants must meet the following minimum requirements. Scholars who do not meet the below criteria will not be considered:
  • Active KSI postsecondary scholar;
  • 2.5 or greater cumulative GPA;
  • Current or active progress towards "GOOD STANDING" program status;
  • Commitment to participating in the full 8-9 week internship;
  • Possess a deep identification and appreciation for KSI and the legacy of Ewing Marion Kauffman;
  • Reliable transportation.

How to Apply

The Legacy Internship application period is now closed. Information on the next hiring season will be available early January every year. 

1.  Complete the application (Application window will open in January):

  • Must be logged into email account;
  • Application cannot be saved and opened later;
  • Application link (application is now closed).

2.  Email your one (1) page resume and professional cover letter to

  • Use your email account ONLY;
  • Include "20XX Legacy Internship_Class#_FirstInitialLastName" in the email subject;
  • Send resume, cover letter and video as attachments in one (1) email (preferred);
  • Use professional language in the body of your email.

3.  Submit a one (1) minute video responding to the following prompt:

As a scholar, please describe how you live out one (1) of the bolded words in the following Kauffman credo:

I am privileged

to be a steward of

Mr. Kauffman's legacy.

I will pursue excellence,

guided by respect,

humility, and openness,

leavened with humor

to advance an

uncommon Foundation.

Video Submission Guidelines:

    • Total time must not exceed one (1) minute.
    • State your name, KSI class, college/university and major at the beginning.
    • Acceptable submission formats include, but are not limited to, iPhone, iMovie, MP4, etc.
    • File size must be transferrable by email or shareable via Google Drive.
    • Video background must be clear of any distractions.
    • Creative expression and freedom with video response is accepted and encouraged.
    • After completion, please send the video along with your resume and cover letter to

4.  Interviews will be conducted early March at the Kauffman Foundation:

  • Qualified applicants will be notified of interview opportunity via email account.
  • Interview candidates will have one (1) week to select a 30-minute interview slot.
  • Business professional dress is required for all interviews.

5.  If you have questions please contact the Legacy Internship Team at